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A must have for all throwing athletes…

“Here’s The Only Science Based Arm Recovery System That Increases Strength, Reduces Recovery Time, And Drastically Reduces or Eliminates Arm Soreness and Tightness… Leaving Your Arm Fresh The First Time You Use It!”

trevor bauer arm recovery routine

Hey There,

If you’re a throwing athlete of any sport and you suffer from shoulder soreness or discomfort, prolonged recovery times or decreased arm strength…I’m glad you’re here.

Because you’re about to discover how in less than 15 – 20 short minutes you can use the most advanced arm / shoulder recovery system ever developed to:

  • Drastically reduce or eliminate arm soreness and tightness completely!
  • Strengthen your throwing arm while reducing recovery time after games or practices!
  • Extend your sports career through increased arm health and reduced chance of injury!
  • Improve your performance in games and always have your “best stuff” available when you need it!
  • And much more!
The Exact System Top Pro Athletes Use To Prevent Arm Injury, Recover Quickly, And Perform at 100% Each Outing…

It’s called “The Accelerated Arm Recovery System”… but to lot’s of people it’s become known as the “Lee Fiocchi Shoulder Recovery System“.

throwing arm recovery routineIt’s a science-based shoulder recovery system developed by sports trainer, Lee Fiocchi, to help all throwing athletes decrease recovery time and increase arm strength and performance.

The Accelerated Arm Recovery System is a series of very simple, yet powerful exercises that can be done immediately after your games or practices to prevent injury, reduce arm soreness and increase strength all in less than 15-20 minutes per outing.

The Accelerated Arm Recovery System was developed, from the ground up, to help all throwing athletes from Pitchers and Quarterbacks, to position players that count on their arm strength and health to compete at the highest level.

Developed By One Of The Top Sports Performance Trainers In The World…

lee-fiocchiMy name is Lee Fiocchi and I’m a professional sports trainer. I’ve had the good fortune of working with a number of high level pro athletes over the last few years. Having been featured on ESPN, USA today, La Times, The Houston Chronicle, and The Boston Globe among others… I’ve been sought after by some of the worlds most successful athletes to help take them to the next level and specifically to help with arm recovery and strength.

I’m currently the Founder and Director of Dynamic Sports Training in Houston, TX, where we work with youth and adult athletes in developing and improving sports specific performance.

I’ve worked with some of the most prolific athletes in the world including…



…and hundreds of elite collegiate level athletes as well!  Both the Texas Baseball Ranch and the University of Houston have me on their staff as their strength and conditioning coach of choice.

The Accelerated Arm Recovery System is a simple, fast, low intensity system that has helped hundreds of athletes reduce shoulder recovery time, eliminate arm soreness (which can be a major career ending problem), and increase arm strength for it’s users.

Scott Kazmir, two time MLB All-Star and current Cleveland Indians starting pitcher says…

“… normally it would take a little bit longer to get loose and get
my arm activated.  But after I do the arm recovery program, the
next day it just bounces back and feels fresh…”

Take a look at what top prospect, Cam Coffey is saying…

“… using the AAR system, the day after you pitch you’ll notice
not as sore. You can feel like you didn’t throw the day
before and that’s only going to make your arm healthier
and more durable down the line.”

And here’s what MLB pitcher and #3 Overall Draftpick Trevor Bauer thinks…

“… by far the best thing for shoulder recovery that I’ve come across. It’s easy to pick up and repeat…  and makes your arm feel OUTSTANDING after throwing…
… even if you’re only going through 25% of the AAR routine.”

How The Accelerated Arm Recovery System Works…

The Accelerated Arm Recovery System (AAR for short) the most advanced throwing shoulder recovery program of it’s kind… yet it’s so simple at the same time.  It’s the exact same program I developed for my professional athlete clients and the same program featured at the Texas Baseball Ranch. The system is science based and developed specifically to enhance arm recovery and strength in throwing athletes.

The arm recovery program works so well because…

  • It’s easy to work into your current in season and off season routines! (do it after pitching, feel fresh the next day)
  • The isometric holds, when done BEFORE competition, actually prepares your arm better by activating your muscles correctly and preparing you for full range of motion!
  • It is specifically designed to help athletes recover within a short period (you’ll see results the next day)
  • It can be done quickly after games or practices…you won’t need a ton of extra time to complete the exercises (about 15-20 minutes is all)!
  • You don’t need any extra equipment to get results (but we will show you a tool we use with our athletes to really ramp up results and shorten recovery time even more)
Here’s Why The Accelerated Recovery System Works So Well…

accelerated arm recovery system

recover throwing arm fasterDeveloped by a trainer you TRUST. As a trainer to thousands of athletes at all levels and a recognized authority in the field of conditioning and recovery I have served as the trainer to dozens of MLB players, and over 100 NFL players. I approach all my training programs with the same excitement and seriousness that I do with my pro athletes, the bottom line is I care about helping your achieve better results each and every time you step into competition.

throwing shoulder recoverySimple, easy to learn exercises that can be done in minutes. Actually after you’ve watched the entire 26 minute training video you’ll learn all of the simple exercises and you’ll easily be able to complete them after every outing within 20 minutes – that’s honestly all the time it takes. NOTE: Pictured is our AARM Bar. This helps activate muscles during recovery for a faster recovery. Bar not required to do the whole AAR routine; however members get our 50% off discount offer after purchase if you want to add it to the mix like most of our MLB pitchers do. 


shoulder recovery workoutDesigned Specifically to reduce arm soreness, tightness, increase strength and prolong the careers of throwing athletes. Arm soreness is one of the biggest career ending issues for competitive pitchers and throwing athletes. This program was developed to allow you to reduce or eliminate arm soreness while extending the “life span” of your arm for as long as you want a competitive sports career.

mobile-training-centerYou can watch the training videos on Any device – mobile, PC, or DVD player. So no matter where you are you’ll have me with you walking you through the exercises showing you the movements and guiding you every step of the way. Whether your traveling for a game or getting in your recovery workout after practice, it’s always there.


aar-training-shotEasy to follow step-by-step printed workout plan. I’m also providing you with an easy to follow step-by-step workout plan so you can follow the Accelerated Arm Recovery System including all the exercises, when to do them , how many sets, and in what order. Plus you’ll even learn what to do each day between pitching performances to accelerate your arm recovery.


throwing arm recovery scienceBio-Science based system… tackles the 2 (TWO) critical parts of recovery. When you throw there are multiple things happening to your arm causing damage, fatigue, and soreness. The AAR system is a 2-part system. Part 1 re-educates and re-connects your shoulder muscles that shut down in high intensity throwing. This triggers the brain to stop sending inflammation signals to the area. Part 2 increases blood flow to the area and removes metabolic waste that builds up. Combined they leave the arm fresh, healthy, and recovery time is cut in half.


And you need this package now, because the truth is that for 99% of athletes out there…

What You’re Doing Now Is NOT ENOUGH!

The reality of being a throwing athlete is that most of us end up with using our arms to it’s full capacity and then pushing it even further and we tend to do this on a regular basis.

Unfortunately most throwing athletes simply “live with the pain” when the reality is they don’t have to. In less than 15 minutes per outing the Accelerated Arm Recovery System can help all levels of throwing athletes remove arm soreness, speed up recovery times, and even increase arm strength.

…and I know what we’ve all been told at some point, but things like:

  • Icing your arm…
  • distance running…
  • lifting weights
  • and long toss…

…just aren’t enough and in truth may actually be hurting your arm!

If you want to be able to have your best stuff every night.

If you want to prevent injury and reduce arm soreness.

And If you want to prolong your career by having a healthier stronger arm, then you absolutely must start using the Accelerated Arm Recovery System Today!

Getting Started Is Easy…

Up until now if you wanted to receive the benefits of the Accelerated Arm Recovery system you would have to fly down to my workout facility in Houston, TX and hire me and my team to train you on the system, costing you hundreds of dollars, if not more.

…and to be honest even if it cost you $500 to completely eliminate your arm soreness, recover faster from outings, and prolong your career… that price would be a steal, right???

I agree.

However, in a few months when I release this system to the mass market, it’ll be selling for around $197.

But…today you’re going to get access to the entire Accelerated Arm Recovery System, a 26 minute training video and Exercise Manual, Email support with our DTS trainers if you have any questions, and access to the same training tools we recommend to the pro athletes we work with for a fraction of the actual value.

So for a limited time, you can get EVERYTHING for a fraction of the cost – a full $160 off the actual cost!!

I’m giving such a large discount for 2 reasons today.

First, I know that times are tough for some out there in this economy and I want to make sure I’m doing everything within my power to make this valuable training available to as many people as possible.

And second, I’m on a mission for testimonies for the Accelerated Arm Recovery System…I’ve got dozens of pro athletes willing to stand up for and tell folks how great this system worked for them, but I want more stories from all levels of athletes who get the system and put it to work right away.  I’ve heard too many stories of careers cut short because of a hurt shoulder or chronically sore arm.  I know it doesn’t have to be that way… and if the Accelerated Arm Recovery program can prevent even one career ending injury… my work matters and we’ve done our jobs here at DST.

Here’s What You Get With The
Accelerated Arm Recovery System…
  • A 26 Minute Accelerated Arm Recovery System delivered instantly online after you purchase (there is an optional upgrade to have us ship you a physical system and DVD to your door) – $85 Value
  • Full online access to the video training  – Watch the AAR training immediately and start using it today if you want. No waiting for us to ship anything… and you can even watch the video on your smartphone enabled phone. – $85 Value
  • Detailed AAR Workout And Action Plan – We’ve compiled the AAR exercises into an easy to follow action guide. Download this guide, print it out, and take the AAR exercises with you to the field. – $45 Value
  • Email support with our DST trainers if you have questions about your training routine! –PRICELESS
  • Access to the same training tools we recommend to professional athletes we train…and more!

This package contains everything you need to start seeing marked improvements quickly.

Order Now And Start Using The Program In 5 Minutes!


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The Bottom Line

Accelerated Arm Recovery is perhaps the simplest and lowest resistance, yet also most powerful arm recovery program you’ll ever use. By researching the science behind why your arm hurts after throwing, stiffens up, and how to recover those specific damages… Lee was able to develop this program to specifically target the 2 biggest reasons you have a sore and tired arm the day after you throw. Most coaches just tell you to run poles or stretch or any number of other post throwing exercises… mainly because they were told the same thing when they were younger… not because they know it’s the best.  Try the Accelerated Arm Recovery today and see the difference. After your first time using the program you’ll notice the difference, and you won’t want to leave the field without doing it ever again.

Plus, You’re covered because…

I’m Going To Let You Try It Out
For 60 Full Days – Risk FREE!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Get the Accelerated Arm Recovery System today and put it to use for the next 60 days. If you don’t notice a dramatic difference in your arms ability to recover from outings, if your soreness doesn’t decrease, or if you’re just not happy with the program for any reason. Simply let us know and we’ll immediately issue you a 100% refund on the spot.

I’m looking forward to hearing how the Accelerated Arm Recovery System has worked for you.

To ensure you receive the $100 discount of the normal price be sure to click the “add to cart’ button and we’ll send your copy to you immediately!



P.S. Still not sure this is for you? I get it…we just met and I know that on the Internet you never know what you’re going to get. But that’s why I’m offering you 60 full days to test out the entire system and start seeing results before you make your final decision. When you click the ‘add to cart’ button below you’ll be taken to a secure order form and I’ll give you a full 60 days to prove to yourself that this works. Click above to get started now!

P.P.S. If you need a little more proof that we’re legit and the real deal... check out our main website at  Over the past 2 years we’ve had tons of requests from athletes around the country who can’t fly across the country to train with us in person… but wanted to access the same training programs we put our DST athletes (many of them MLB All-Stars) through. Plus, we truly do know that the AAR System works and saves arms. If we can help even just one more athlete save their arm and their career… then that’s worth all of the work in putting this training together and online.  You can email or call us anytime if you have questions. We’re here for ya.

3 Reasons To Buy Accelerated Arm Recovery From Dynamic Sports Training

Epic Customer Support

Need help with your order? Trying to get the video to play on your smartphone? Looking for more tips on getting faster, stronger, and healthier as an athlete? We’re here to help ya! We don’t outsource support to some person overseas. All support is handled in-house by our DST training staff… so you’ll get expert answers every time.

Developed by DST

Dynamic Sports Training is one of the premier sports performance training companies in the world. We work with dozens of professional athletes, MLB All-Stars, NFL players, and elite youth athletes. The same quality and training is put into our online training products as well.  The same training the pros get, at a fraction of the price.

Athletes Are Our Passion

We’re all athletes ourselves and have a passion for helping athletes reach higher levels of performance, health, confidence, and happiness. There’s a lot of misinformation out there harming athletes. Our science and sports specific training approach works. Period. And it’s our mission to help as many athletes as we possibly can.


What Other People Are Saying

scott-kazmir-arm-recovery-exercise“… My Arm Feels Live Again and The Next Day I Wake Up And Everything Feels Fresh”

“After I do the recovery program my arm feels live again and the next day I wake up and everything feels fresh.

Normally after I would throw it would take a little while for my arm to get loose and activated… with the accelerated arm recovery program the next day it just bounces back and feels fresh. The program is simple but makes a HUGE difference in how I feel the next day… especially being a starter. It’s a simple program that you can just throw in your current routine. It doesn’t take a lot of effort. Just get it done and you’ll feel the results the next day.”

– Scott Kazmir – Cleveland Indians Pitcher.  #15 overall pick by the NY Mets. 2 Time MLB All-Star.

michael boyden arm recovery“The Next Day My Arm Feels Brand New… Like I Can Throw Again”

“It really helps get my muscles activated after I throw.  I can now throw a full pen at max intensity… and the next day my arm feels brand new…. like I can throw again.

Usually I was always told to get a good workout in… work heavy weights after you throw. But I discovered Lees accelerated arm recovery program works way better for me because it reactivates my muscles.  All of the guys I know who use it say the same thing.  Give it a try. Its short, easy. the first time I tried it I was pretty amazed the next day. No soreness or tightness.

– Michael Boyden – Washington Nationals Pitcher and Top Prospect

cody buckel post throwing routine

“I Don’t Have the Soreness or Arm Fatigue I Normally Had the Next Day. I Feel I Can Come Back And Throw the Next Day Now…”

“I used to do manual stuff or use bands after I pitched.They were somewhat beneficial. When Lee taught me his arm recovery process it was VERY beneficial. I could easily throw 7 innings plus and feel like I could come back the next day… I didn’t have the soreness or fatigue I normally had the next day.  Before it would take a couple days to get rid of the fatigue and tight feeling. There’s nothing to it. It’s simple and it works.”

– Cody Buckel – Top Texas Rangers Prospect. Drafted 2nd round.  

high school pitching exercises“My kids love it. They won’t leave the field without doing it”

“Hey Lee,

I have implemented your arm recovery program in our high school ball club.  We have been doing it for 3 weeks after practice everyday.
My kids are feeling good. They love it. They won’t leave the field without doing it.  They really like it. Thanks!”
– Chris Litton – Coach at College Station High School – Huntington, TX


This package contains everything you need to start seeing marked improvements quickly.

Order Now And Start Using The Program In 5 Minutes!


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Quick Disclaimer:

Just like with anything, this program isn’t right for everyone and not everyone will see the same results as the athletes on this page.  The vast majority of pitchers do see great results from the program, but everyone’s body is different and it may produce the same or better results for you… or it may not produce any measurable results.

  1. Please consult a physician and follow all safety instructions before starting any training, exercise of conditioning program. As with any program there is risk of injury and lack of success.
  2. Every effort has been made to accurately represent our products, services and its potential
  3. Results featured on this site are NOT typical. These are players who have followed instructions as outlined. We have made every effort to valiadate the testimonials, results, and success stories of the players featured on this site. Each players success is depends on their dedication, commitment, motivation and work ethic.
  4. No Guarantee of success, faster arm recovery, reduced arm pain, results, or level of achievement can be made.  Everyone’s body and work ethic is different.
  5. Our core business is training athletes, from prep to the highest level of professional, in person at our Houston, TX facility.  All of our training methods are based on science and have been used to help our athletes see great results. We’ve done our best to package the training in a way so you can get access to the same instruction on the Accelerated Arm Recovery as our athletes who train locally with us.  However, those athletes who train with us down here in Houston of course have hands on help from our trainers which may affect results. We’re dedicated to your success and when you order the AAR… we’re here for ya.